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Cooling Puppy Teething Popsicle Chewing Toy

Cooling Puppy Teething Popsicle Chewing Toy

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This product is a multifunctional pet dog toy,which integrates many functions such as cooling and reliving pain from teething 

Dip the toy in clean water,use your fingers to squeeze the top of the toy to let the water flow into the toy through the hollow hole and then place the toy horizontally in the freezer

After freezing for 1-2 hours popsicle can be taken out and given to your beloved pet 
The design combines the cute shape of ice-lolly and bones,which can more attract pet dogs'desire to bite.
Easy to use
The toy is made of a new and upgraded chew-resistant soft TPR material,which can resist prolonged bites from pet dogs. Suitable to all kind of dog breed from large,medium to small dogs,and wlii not be damaged by prolonged use.

But for the dog's health,we recommend that you use it forno more than 20-30 minutes a day.

Color: blue popsicle, gray popsicle, red popsicle, brown popsicle




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